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MCXVII is a community building charity token. This token was designed to provide international assistance for education, homelessness and veterans; creating equality and building strong communities. Rewards are offered as incentives

Sheltered Funds

All tokens are protected by the binance chain

Fully Decentralized

The process will be implemented by a random set of validators in the network in a fully decentralized and transparent way

Community Governed

The relationships and activities of community members can be recorded on chain and generate community governance credit. For further use, all the governance credit will contribute to voting power


You will receive recognition within the community for your participation

Blockchain Powered

MCXVII is built on BSC, which inherits great features and best technologies of the Blockchain industry

Receive the help they need.

You will be supporting a large number of people who will receive health care

Tracking funds

You will be able to monitor the destination of the funds collected in the donation

Privacy Focused

Privacy protection is the foundation of the MCXVII network and we do not want to breach the pseudo-anonymity of blockchain networks. MCXVII supports incognito on-chain data processing

Low fees

The cost of operating with MCXVII is very low compared to other similar tokens

Our Story

How We Got Started

The author of this project has been raising money for humanitarian projects for over thirty years. There are several organizations that provide assistance to those in need but they rely on donors giving out of the goodness of their heart. By investing in MCXVII you will invest in humanity.

Where We Are Now

MCXVII is a newly launched binance token whose main purpose is to reward, burn and donate. This token will be listed in the top exchanges. Our goal is to do an extreme marketing campaign that will bring international awareness to this empowering token while assisting individuals in marginalized communities.

Latest Articles

You will contribute to more than one organization!

A percentage of your investment will go to organizations that support the following: Children, Veterans and Cancer Awareness. We will add more organizations as requested.


Hopeless No More Foundation was developed to support Veterans in their efforts to conquer PTSD and other health tribulations. We have resources and partnerships with companies that provide solutions that can help improve the quality of life veterans and their families. We believe that we are giving veterans something that they have already earned….. Peace. (INAB) is an organization championing the cause of saving at risk school programs by supporting the arts. This program focuses on low income areas by accepting donated recyclables. INAB monetizes the donated recyclables to provide instruments, materials and other support items needed by at risk music and arts programs. Supporting these valuable programs, will allow them to continue to offer opportunities for children to explore and expand their musical potential and encourage their artistic development.

Our long term objective is to make a create an international campaign that will have a global impact. This program emphasizes the importance of supporting music and art programs at every income level. It also provides children education about preserving the planet. Our motto is “Giving the Gift of Life through the Gift of Music”

Honor Air Chatt

Honor Air Chatt is a community supported Veterans Charity that focuses on providing end of life Vets with a trip of a lifetime to the Nations Capital. This trip gives them the opportunity to visit their respective memorials in honor of their sacrifice. This trip will give them the opportunity to honor those who fought alongside them and unfortunately made the ultimate sacrifice



$10000 Donated

Honor Air Chatt


$14000 Donated


$28000 Donated

Contribute While Investing with Pancake Swap

Use MCXVII’s address to find it on pancakeswap: 0x8E23Ee50c127e4bd1C779B65ed58C508D908e1D4

Contribute While Investing with Smart Chain


Address: 0x793d9F2d3a4FD017D5d61280DA0dB84686fBd115

Saving Lives & Building Families Since 2001

children empowered

$ Raised

Homeless helped

Our Partners

The author of MCXVII has partnered with several companies that will gift individuals with their product when supporting this effort.

Our Mission

Help as much as possible so that people of different nations have the opportunity to assert their fundamental rights in addition to eradicating homelessness and providing support for mental health.  We understand the lack of opportunities that these people can have within a society that doesn’t care about them

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