A percentage of your investment will go to organizations that support the following, Children, veterans and cancer awareness. We will add more organizations as requested.

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A percentage of your investment will go to organizations that support the following: Children, Veterans and Cancer Awareness. We will add more organizations as requested.


Hopeless No More Foundation was developed to support Veterans in their efforts to conquer PTSD and other health tribulations. We have resources and partnerships with companies that provide solutions that can help improve the quality of life veterans and their families. We believe that we are giving veterans something that they have already earned….. Peace. (INAB) is an organization championing the cause of saving at risk school programs by supporting the arts. This program focuses on low income areas by accepting donated recyclables. INAB monetizes the donated recyclables to provide instruments, materials and other support items needed by at risk music and arts programs. Supporting these valuable programs, will allow them to continue to offer opportunities for children to explore and expand their musical potential and encourage their artistic development.

Our long term objective is to make a create an international campaign that will have a global impact. This program emphasizes the importance of supporting music and art programs at every income level. It also provides children education about preserving the planet. Our motto is “Giving the Gift of Life through the Gift of Music”

Honor Air Chatt

Honor Air Chatt is a community supported Veterans Charity that focuses on providing end of life Vets with a trip of a lifetime to the Nations Capital. This trip gives them the opportunity to visit their respective memorials in honor of their sacrifice. This trip will give them the opportunity to honor those who fought alongside them and unfortunately made the ultimate sacrifice

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