The Iconic fashion brand DKNY has redesigned its famous logo and has launched it as an NFT as part of a charity auction.

Following in the footsteps of several global fashion houses that have used non-fungible tokens as part of their marketing strategies, DKNY has launched their NFT in conjunction with Paris-based art collective Obvious which creates AI-based artwork. 

The DKNY logo, and NFT, is inspired by the mural designed by Peter Arnell at the corner of Broadway and Houston Street in New York. The familiar sight has been taken and re-envisioned as the brands connection with New York and “the City that never sleeps”, marking another step in the brands attempts to find greater connection with younger more technologically savvy consumers.

The creators of Obvious, Pierre Fautrel, Hugo Caselles-Dupre, and Gauthier Vernier commented on the role of AI in the creative process:

“To us, A.I. offers a new way to create. This is true not only in art, but in every creative process,” said “These algorithms are offering a new source of inspiration for creatives, and we believe they can lead to entirely new aesthetics within the realm of design.”

DKNY’s auction partner Rad is an NFT marketplace from blockchain technology company Little Star,  which will host the auction of the iconic four-lettered-logo to benefit the American Nurses Foundation. Chief brand officer at Rad, Vanessa Kincaid, released a statement expressing Rad’s enthusiasm for DKNY’s launch:

“NFT’s have shifted the way we think about digital content and its use cases from art to film and so much more,” “Their (DKNY’s) boldness to push the boundaries of what a NFT can be with their new logo is in complete alignment with our desire to be a groundbreaking marketplace for digital goods.”

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